ABC-1000mmx180 CH PLC Controlled Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine

MODEL : PMT/1000/180/PLC


  • Admit Between Center: 1000mm
  • Center Height: 180 mm


  • Auto in-feed with PLC control
  • 0.001mm in-feed on diameter
  • Hydraulic operated tail stock actuated by foot switch for quick clamping / de-clamping of job
  • In-feed slide feed with AC servo motor, Precision ground ball screw & nut fitted with imported coupling for zero backlash.
  • Work speed is infinitely variable through 3 Phase VFD & safety interlocks.
  • Separate electrical control panel board for easy operate & maintain
  • Paper band cum magnetic filtration system available optionally.
  • Manual Pulse Generator – MPG hand wheel for in-feed.