Universal/NC Cylindrical Grinding Example

Taper Grinding Between Two Genters


Taper Grinding Between Two Genters


Straight Plunge Grinding

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Example                Universal/NC/CNC Cylindrical Grinding Example


Internal Taper Grinding


Internal Grinding


Horizontal Grinding Between two Centers


Held on Horizontal Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Example                         CNC Cylindrical Wheel Dressing Cycles


Tapered Traverse Grinding


Curve & Endface Plung Grinding


Straight Grinding Wheel


Forming Wheel with Corve

Grinding Symboles


Multi-Faces / I.D. Grinding


Faces Grinding


I.D. Taper Grinding

  • Automobile Components

    2 Wheelers : Cam shaft, Crankshaft (L & R), Counter shaft, Drive shaft, Gear shift Drum, Gear kick starter, balancer shaft, etc.

    4 Wheelers : Transmission shaft, Counter shaft, Stub Axle, Hypoid Pinion Shaft, Crankshaft, Differential Housing, Turbo Charger, Fuel Injection Parts, Barrel, Plunger. Special Applications; Valve seat, Piston Ring Profile grinding. Sleeves and Liners, Engine Valve, Cross Joint, Spring, Piston, Piston Pin, King Pin, Crank Pin, Tractors & Tillers: Yoke, crankshaft

  • Bearings (Ball, Thrust, Tapered, Spherical)
  • Compressor Parts
  • Medical : Punches for Tablets, Syringe needles, Surgical Needles, Surgical Syringes, Surgical Sutures and Catheters
  • Pharmaceuticals Dies and Punches
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Submersible Pump Components
  • Gauges
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial Conveyor Components
  • Textile Components : Spindles
  • Battery Dry Cells
  • Rock Drill Components
  • Cutting Tools: Carbide/ HSS Straight/ Step drills
  • Defense and Railway Components (Rifle Factory and Ordnance Factory)
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Steel Rolling Rolls
  • Ceramic Components
  • Machine Tools
  • Tool Room
  • Tooling : Collets, Mandrels, Tool Holders ISO/BT/MT
  • Electrical & Electronics : Motor shafts
  • Refrigerator/ Generator set/ Air conditioners : Crankshaft, Valves, Compressor Shaft
  • Coat & Apron rolls
  • Academic Training
  • Aerospace Components
  • Die & Mould Tooling : Punches, Inserts, Pillars, Bushes
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics : Piston rods, Valve spools, Pump shaft
  • Machine Tools : Spindles, Quills, sleeve, Pulleys
  • Precision Engineering
  • Printing : Rollers, Shafts