Centerless Grinding Machine

MODEL   PMT-100 PMT-100-S PMT-150-S
Grinding range (Dia) mm 2 - 100 2 - 100 2 - 125
Max. length in through feed grinding mm 220 220 270
Grinding wheel size (d x w x b) mm 350 x 100 x 127 350 x 100 x 127 350 x 150 x 127
Regulating wheel size (d x w x b) mm 230 x 100 x 76.2 230 x 100 x 76.2 230 x 150 x 76.2
Regulating wheel speed (infinitely variable) rpm 20 - 200 20 - 200 20 - 130
Swivel of Regulating Wheel head in : - - - -
Horizontal plane for taper correction / taper grinding deg - ± 1.5 ± 1.5
Vertical plane for Thru-feed Grinding deg ± 5 ± 5 ± 5
Grinding and Regulating Wheel dresser   Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Swivel of Grinding and Regulating wheel dresser deg ± 5 ± 5 ± 5
Grinding Wheel motor power hp 7.5 7.5 10
Regulating wheel motor power hp 1 1 1.5


  • The machine bed is of one piece, close grained cast iron.
  • Box structure design, heavily reinforced with ribs, provides high rigidity and stability.


  • Grinding wheel head of sturdy design is fixed to the machine bed.
  • Wheel head spindle is made of special alloy steel, specially heat treated, ground and lapped to achieve high dimensional stability and long life.
  • Spindle runs in precision White Metal Bush Bearing, which give very high accuracy and excellent surface finish to the work piece.


  • Regulating wheel head is mounted on double slide and swivel plate arrangement.
  • Spindle specially heat treated, ground and lapped runs in oil immersed precision Anti Friction bearings to give high accuracy and true running.
  • D.C. Thyristor drive (Optional: A.C.variable drive) provided to get infinitely variable speed of regulating wheel / work piece. Optimum RPM of work piece can be set to achieve high production and good accuracy.
  • Regulating wheel head can be tilted in vertical plane to facilitate through feed grinding.


  • In-feed is imparted to the Regulating wheel slide through a hardened and ground feed screw, which ensures high positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • Specially designed nut having backlash adjustment is provided.
  • The upper slide moves the regulating wheel in relation to the work rest for easy job set up and lower (feed) slide is used for feeding work to the grinding wheel.
  • Work rest base is firmly screwed to the lower (feed) slide. Work blades can be adjusted in height on work base for different size of components.


  • Regulating wheel can be swivelled in horizontal plane by the swivel plate, for fast and accurate taper correction and taper grinding.


  • Single lever operated Automatic Plunge grinding cycle.
  • Cycle operates as Rapid approach-Auto feed-Spark off-Rapid retraction and infeed slide moves to starting position.
  • Amount of infeed, infeed rate and spark off time are adjustable.


  • Separate hydraulic dressing units with infinitely variable dressing speeds provided for both Grinding and Regulating wheel.
  • Profile dressing of Grinding and Regulating wheel is possible with special attachment.


  • Hydraulic power pack unit housed outside the machine for easy maintenance.
  • All electricals mounted in a concise panel box. Centralized controls for operator's convenience.


  • Centralised lubrication system provided for efficient and positive lubrication of moving parts.


  • Form dressing arrangement.
  • Auto loading system.
  • Hydraulic ejector.
  • Bar feeding arrangement.


  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine.
  • Centreless Grinding Machine.
  • Internal Bore/Track Grinding Machine (Hydraulic/CNC).