CNC Centerless Grinding Machine

Model Parameter MG1020 MG10405 MG1050 MG1080 MG10100
Grinding diameter Full: 0.5-20mm Cut: 3-20mm Full: 2-40mm Cut: 7-40mm Full: 5-50mrn Cut: 7-50mm Full:5-80m Cut:5.80m Full:5-100mm Cut:5-100mm
Grinding wheel 300*100*127mm 350.125*127mm 400*150*203mm 500*150*305mm 500*200*205mm
Grinding length Full:180mm Cut:95mm Full:140mm Cut:120mm Full:120mm Cut:120mm Full:250mm Cut:190mm Full:250mm Cut:190mm
Regulating wheel 200•100*75mm 250*125*75mm 300*100*127mm 300*100*127mm 300*100*127mm
Rotating speed of the grinding wheel 2131r/min 1870r/min 1668r/min 1300r/min 1010r/min
Rotating speed of the regulating wheel 20-110r/min 20-180r/min 20-2000r/min 5-250r/min 12-110r/min
Rotating return angle of the regulating wheel Plane:-1°--3° Vertical: -1° --3° Plane:0° --3° Vertical: -2°-4° Plane:-2°--5° Vertical: -1° --3° Plane:-2° --5° Vertical: 0° --3° Plane:-0.5°--4.5° Vertical: 0,-3°
Driving power of the machine 5.35Kw 9Kw 13.8Kw 17Kw 26Kw
Working precision Roundness:lum Cylindricity:1.5um Roundness:lum Cylindricity:2um Roundness:lum Cylindricity:2um Roundness:lum Cylindricity:2um Roundness:lum Cylindricity:2um
The minimum feeding value of the regulating wheel stand 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm

We can specially design the multiple axes with CNC control as per our clients' requirements. The auto feed. auto receive and auto inspect are consist of the automatic